It's a rainy friday and we just got out of Reel Creative. It's very interesting stories of people overcoming mental and physical obstacles. The one that I thought was the most interesting was "Dark Light." It's the story of three men who are blind photographers. One of them is a ocean photographer who goes deep sea diving and takes pictures. Both of his kids had autism and couldn't speak properly. He only has 5% vision so he talks to them through pictures. His life goal is to document them as children through adulthood. He's not the only man who has to overcome difficult obstacles. Another man is a blind pianist who decides to take up photography. His house was demolished by Hurricane Katrina, along with his piano. With the help of his assistant, he meets very friendly people and takes some phenomenal photographs. The last story is the story of man lost his vision to a disease that caused his vision to fade out over ten years. In one year half of his vision faded away and then completely disappeared. As he was going blind he got a black belt in karate and a business degree. he became . he wants to do it all by himself not have to cooperate with a seeing person, he wants a non sighted perspective. All of these mean had to go through obstacles to do what they wanted. Some of his most phenomenal photographs is when he sets someone up in a dark room and paints them with light in different colors. It's unusual and beautiful.

I really enjoyed this film. It was very inspiring to see people accomplishing such great things even though they had challenges to overcome. I would recommend this movie to anyone. It was a little bit long for a short but I think overall it's well done and very inspiring.


Reviewed by John

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