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John Gans

Part 1: What is it about the outdoors that you love so much?
Part 2: What is one of your most memorable sunrises?

If you could take us anywhere outside for a week, where would you take us and what would we do there?

Part 3: The outdoors can be miserable. What is one of the most miserable moments you have had outside? What did you learn from it?

We define wilderness as a place where nature is dominant and situations and their consequences are real. What makes going into these uncertain and sometimes dangerous environments so necessary for us?

Part 4: What is the hardest decision you've had to make in the outdoors?

What do you believe your greatest weakness is in the outdoors?

Our school does alot of mountain biking. What does NOLS think about mountain bikes in nature?

Part 5: Have you ever taken a risk with students that you hadn't really thought through all the way, and learned from that?
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Part 13: End of the interview, and into overtime in the post-discussion.
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