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Yvon Chouinard

Part 1: We both love surfing. What is it about surfing that you love so much?
What is a lesson that surfing has taught you, both in and out of the water?
I love to sail, and I heard that you love to sail. What is it about sailing that you love?
Part 2: What lesson has sailing taught you?
Can you tell us about the highlight of that trip?
I’ve heard that people say that power boats are for people who are interested in the destination, and sail boats are for those who are interested in the journey. Are you more interested in the journey?
What faith did that give you to have people more interested in life?
When you were their age, were you anything like them?
Part 3: What is it about climbing that you love so much?
What have the mountains taught you?
What’s a climb that you’re really connected to?
What were you thinking when those guys soloed El Capitan (without ropes)?
Part 4: What was something you didn’t want to learn, but ended up loving?
Did you know right from the start, or did it take you awhile to realize you were a businessman?
How did your trip to the Wind River influence change in your life?
Does [simulated evolution] sound like what happens in your company, by the people that you hire?
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Part 7: Beginning of the post-interview conversation and tour.
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