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TEEN PRESS members Dylan and Heather encountered photo-journalist Kevin McKiernan, here at the Festival to introduce Haskell Wexler when he's honored with a Lifetime Achievement Award for his cinematography. And then...Haskell himself!

Santa Barbara's best known film festival is the Santa Barbara International Film Festival. But just minutes away and months prior to the red carpets at the Arlington and the panels at Lobero, another film showcase screens. The Ojai-Ventura International Film Festival has been featuring famous and soon-to-be famous filmmakers for ten years. The Teen Press ventured south and visited with people who have enriched the human spirit through film. Enjoy our conversations below.

Our apologies to David Shelton (Bull Durham, Tin Cup, White Men Can't Jump), who gave us a great interview about film and his Santa Barbara childhood. #@%&#!!! Our microphone malfunctioned. We'd love a raincheck!