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Mark G., 6th grader and resident rapper at Santa Barbara Middle School, performs his 3 Cups of Tea Rap for Greg Mortenson. Privately, in the warehouse of Direct Relief International, and publicly, to Greg's sold out crowd at Santa Barbara's Arlington Theater. Thank you, UCSB Arts and Lectures and Direct Relief International for giving Mark his break.

Dedicated to Greg Mortenson “Dr. Greg”

Way to go out there, way to not be passive
Way to step up, to make a difference that's massive
Way to make the most of your resources and stay strong willed
And way to try to heal and way to try to re-build
You fight for human rights and to unite
You fight bombs with education, that's how you fight
Because the most important thing to a life is to earn
It doesn't matter if you've been cut, discouraged, or burned
People still go on the pursuit to learn
If we would follow in your footsteps of understanding thoughts
Maybe there wouldn't be these wars being fought
Because these wars we're fighting
They're all in our minds
If we went to school we would know that we're out of our minds
'Cause in my mind the human race has crossed the line
God let people be aware and it'll all be fine
Did you just say she can't get an education?
Well heaven forbid to feed the new generation
So I'm just staying patient
Waiting, for people like you
I admire those who don't wait and actually do
I can't sue
And I'm wondering what, where, when, how, or who
Will take the extra effort to touch someone's heart
Instead of tearing the world apart, we can speak through art
We gotta give back to the community that we're living in
‘Cause I tell you it is the exact same dividend
To the world that we're livin' in
Turn little things into big things. That's our motto
Cause you can never count on, winnin' the lotto
You go through life, you only live once
You gotta break the fence, of ignorance
And pain, break the chain
Three cups of tea, that means one step at a time
So let's cope, have hope, hold on tight to the rope and make some rhymes
So I don't know where to go
So I just go with the flow
Who knows where it'll take you
Just appreciate, the god that makes you
Just appreciate, the soul that creates you
It is so complicated and so out-dated
Hopefully the light has not yet faded
Life is not a thing to be rated
Just wanna make sure that you are appreciated

— Mark G., SBMS

Direct Relief