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By WEDNESDAY, March 16th by 9 p.m.


Copy and paste the following questions--and your answers--into a Google Doc, and share that with Kara and David.

There is no paper form.

Personal Information



Home phone #(s):

Cell phone # (if you have one):

Parent Permission - Telluride

I understand that my child will travel to Telluride, Colorado to cover the Mountain Film festival, and travel from there to Oregon for the End-of-the-Year Expedition, and that these travel costs are only partially covered by tuition. I understand that he/she will have to work ahead academically to make this possible. I give my permission for __________________________________to be apply to be part of the Santa Barbara Middle School Teen Press, Team 31.

Parent name __________________________________________

Parents, please copy/paste this section into a separate email and send to Kara and David by 9pm, Wednesday, March 16th.


Please let us know what activities you have that might interfere with your participation. We plan to be off-campus before and during MEMORIAL DAY WEEKEND for the Mountain Film Telluride festival (May 26-30), and then traveling to Oregon for the End-of-the-Year Expedition! This means you'll have to plan ahead both academically and in terms of packing and preparing for the trip.)

My activity commitments that might interfere with Mountain Film Telluride are (list them here):

I understand that I will have to be prepared both academically and logistically to participate in Mountain Film Telluride, and in the Rite of the Wheel OREGON trip immediately thereafter.

(Type your name here to acknowledge this):________________________________

Research Assignment

Unlike red carpet interviews which can only be 1 or 2 questions long, our interviews at Telluride are longer and more in-depth. Think about how you would prepare to interview a filmmaker or the subject of a film at Mountain Film--here's how:

  • Go to the Mountain FIlm Telluride site, and navigate to "World Tour" > "browse the films selection"
  • Select any film that catches your interest, see if you can locate and view a trailer for the film, and then prepare a Google Doc with research notes that include the following:
  1. Film title, name of the director, and a link to the page
  2. A brief synopsis of the film in your own words (it can be just a sentence).
  3. The name of the person you're preparing to interview
  4. Develop 4 questions for that person. Begin each one with some information about the person that prompted that particular question.
  5. Video yourself asking the questions, as if you were talking with the director. You can use your phone or your computer--it's not about the production values, but rather the questions. Upload your video to Google Drive.
  6. Share your notes and video with Kara and David. Complete your application by Wednesday, March 16th by 8pm.

Here are some examples of questions showing research:

TEAM 31 - Apr-May 2016

Near & Far--It’s About the Stories

Spring brings a different kind of schedule for Teen Press, but the mission is the same: to find, research, gather and share interesting stories. The 2016 spring team will cover Mountain Film Telluride, and hopefully present the festival's traveling show to Santa Barbara next school year. Admission to the Telluride group will be limited to 6 eighth graders who successfully complete the application process.

What's in store

The selected reporters will take 7th period Teen Press Elective. During Teen Press class sessions, we will:

  • Introduce and practice interviewing skills
  • Discuss the approach we use as reporters (strategies and ethics), aka "Journalism 101"
  • Research story opportunities
  • Contact individuals and organizations by email and phone to request interviews and/or sponsorship
  • Watch films about some of the subjects and/or people we will be writing about
  • Skype with Mountain Film Telluride Festival Director David Holbrooke about recommended films
  • Practice mock interviews and reviews
  • Learn how we edit interviews in Final Cut Pro X
  • Travel out into the world to actually cover our stories! This can be for extended periods of time (like when we’re covering the Mountain Film festival) during class periods (often including lunch period), other times of the school day, and some evenings and weekends.

What's required to take part

  1. A Teen Press reporter represents Santa Barbara Middle School to the world. "Because of them, us--because of us, them." You must exhibit the highest level of SBMS citizenship to be selected to represent the school. You must also be an independent, responsible and reliable learner, dependable and ready to work without reminder.
  2. Classroom commitment: You must be able to and you must commit to keeping up with your academic work.
    • You must also receive approval by your teachers. (Applications will be circulated among the faculty to be evaluated regarding your standing in citizenship and scholarship.)
  3. Desire to be in front of camera and/or microphone. You will be interviewing people from all walks of life.
  4. Dedication to serving people through information. You will be helping your viewers by giving them your perspective--informing them--through the questions you ask and the stories you write. (And the first step in this is to be informed yourself.) Be prepared to do some research!
  5. You must demonstrate your desire to become part of the team by completing the application below.

Deadline to Apply Extended to MONDAY, March 28, 9 PM

(First day of Spring Break)