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Teen Press Catches You in the View

In 2007 the Teen Press took on a backpack-load of topics, including the latest & greatest in biking at INTERBIKE, presidential candidates BARACK OBAMA and DENNIS KUCINICH, local politics and culture including BOXTALES and the best BURGER and MEXICAN FOOD in town. Check it out!

Teen Press spotlights Global Warming

Last academic year the Teen Press investigated the topic of global warming, with a spotlight on the local educational and awareness project, The Light Blue Line. Check out our findings and a newly posted interview with Mayor Marty Blum, who is leading Santa Barbara into a more "green" stance on energy conservation.

Teen Press covers SBIFF 2007

NEW: Check out Alexa's podcast about the festival!

The Teen Press got the scoop on who's who and what was hot--and important--at the Santa Barbara International Film Festival 2007. Interviews with Al Gore, Will Smith, Helen Mirren, Forest Whitaker and Darius Weems of the show favorite "Darius Goes West."

Breaking news: The Teen Press shared in a conference call with explorers at the South Pole, who had just arrived after an almost 49 day trek, unaided and unsupplied, across the Antarctic ice. Check back soon for the conversation with Doug Stoup, who along with Richard Dunwoody, had just completed the journey, as they discuss the adventure!
Santa Barbara Businesses:

SBMS students take a first-hand look at potential careers by working (without pay) for local businesses. Check out their experiences in Career Study!

SBMS Teen Press Team Members Eliana, Emalani, Emma, Griff, Harrison, Logan, Sophia and Zev are out and about, tracking down stories in Santa Barbara and beyond, with notebook and video camera in hand. These cool cats cover Macworld and SBIFF!

Keep checking back for their latest findings. (Faculty Advisors John & David may also have a word or two to say!)

The Teen Press is now publishing all our videos on YouTube in addition to our website. Check 'em out--maybe you'll find something you missed here!

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A group of local filmmakers (with national pedigrees) worked to chronicle the story surrounding the firings and resignations of staff at the Santa Barbara News Press over the last 18 months. The title of their documentary, CITIZEN McCAW, alludes to the film "Citizen Kane" by Orson Welles, where a well-meaning publisher goes awry. Follow our coverage of the event, from conversations with the filmmakers a week before the premiere, to pre-show interviews with film-goers, to special footage from the panel during the event, to post-show polling of those who attended and after-party, and finally reactions to the film by some of those involved in the events put on record by the film.
Pre-Premiere Interviews with FIlm-Goers
Preview Conversations
Event Footage
Journalist Reactions
Exit Polls +
Those Involved
Congresswoman Capps
The Controversy
• In light of the drop in circulation, why do you think people are so upset with what is going on at the News Press?
-- Some people are upset or confused by a campaign that has been crafted by the Teamsters Union against the News-Press. This campaign has attempted, with the help of rallies, subscription cancellation drives, harassment of advertisers and the manipulation of local and national media, to distort the truth and put the ownership and management of the News-Press in the worst possible light.
-- Circulation in the newspaper industry has been on decline globally for a number of years. This is because of the changes in the way the public get their news increasingly from cable TV, the Internet, and free dailies to name a few. Although The Santa Barbara News-Press experienced a brief increased decline during a Teamsters campaign to get subscribers to cancel their subscriptions, our numbers are currently in line with national averages.

• There's scene in Citizen McCaw when Craig Smith thumbs through the New Press and finds only one local story. Do you think the News Press covers enough local news?
-- I don't know which edition of the paper Mr. Smith was holding, but our average number of local news stories is seven and growing. This does not include the Life section, local sports, local business or editorials. Our goal and focus is local news and we are committed to increasing our coverage.  

• How do you react when other news sources publish personal and business attacks on you and the paper?
-- Reading lies and personal attacks in the press is not pleasant. But when you are doing what you believe in, you should never give up, especially when the going gets tough. It is like those bicycle expeditions you do at SBMS. When you are straining up a dusty, hot mountain road, sweat in your eyes and muscles straining near collapse, that's when you discover what you are really made of. By meeting the challenges, no matter how unpleasant, you ultimately succeed. 

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From the co- Advisor/Editor/Publisher/Mentor of SBMS Teen Press . . .

Just before helping my partner Dave file this story for the kids, I decided to fuel my fingers with a Saturday scone. As I pulled up to Jeanine’s, out walked Starshine Roshell, estranged writer from the News Press. She didn’t see me, didn’t know she and her compatriots were on my mind so early on a Saturday. Years ago, Starshine had written a series of stories on the Corps of ReDiscovery, a two-wheeled family of mine reporting in from another road less traveled. Her words painted a picture of that journey better than anyone across this great land. And the News Press had been such a wonderful venue for her sharing of our story. She didn’t see me, but seeing her cradling her young one with their own Saturday treat, caused me to pause before introducing this story. This News Press controversy is about real people, and I needed to proceed with great care.

David and I are trying to teach the kids of the Teen Press about the freedom and responsibility of the press. To open their eyes and call their voices to fairness . . . in an unfair world. Covering Microsoft at MacWorld . . . taking young kids to No Country For Old Men . . . talking with viewers & participants of Citizen McCaw. Silly kids trying to make sense of arguments in their neighborhood.

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The interview was conducted via email between Teen Press members (Griff, Logan & Sophia) and Arthur Von Wiesenberger. Although we requested an inteview, we were happy to receive written responses to our questions, below: